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Webcast April 17:

Reduce risk with flexible development


This 1-hour webcast provides an introduction to flexible development as a tool to reduce risk of waste and delay in your most important projects. 


The thinking that you must finalize plans and requirements before starting development actually increases risk and causes delay for highly innovative products because it forces you to make premature decisions based on incomplete information.


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New Article: Eliminate Waste in Front End Exploration

In the common wisdom of product innovation, State-Gate(r) processes will reduce waste.  But this common wisdom can fail miserably in the Front End of Innovation, where researchers explore the promising new concepts that nourish the back-end product development effort.  In a recently published article, Carla Kuesten and I look at examples of Front End waste and present an iterative process to reduce that waste.


Planning rigor or rigor mortis?

Planning rigor can lead to new product rigor mortis.  Learn about Flexible Product Development, a toolset to improve traditional phase-gate processes to support innovation in fast-changing markets.


Financial training for engineers?

A recently updated white paper discusses how firms benefit from developing their engineers' business acumen.


What's this About?

I support company leaders who want to improve product development.  When a firm's product innovation engine functions well it creates more shareholder value and a stronger future with less management energy. Read more...


Improving a New Product Operation

Do you see a specific improvement opportunity or simply want an independent assessment of your new product operation?  A consultant can be a valuable help to assess the health of product innovation, diagnose specific situations, and introduce new thinking about what to change and how to change.  Read more...


Staying Ahead of the Growth Curve

Has your company grown beyond early success to the point where managing R&D is consuming you?   I work with clients to create right-sized processes and methods that provide solid results and effective oversight without excessive overhead.  Read more...


Exploring New Thinking

If you find yourself butting heads with the same problems over and over, it's time to step back and reframe the problem.  I offer workshops for executive teams and product innovation stakeholders to explore new approaches, resolve differences, and discover new solutions to persistent problems.  Read more...


A Different Approach

Silver Streak Partners isn't a big consulting firm trying to shoehorn another company's "best" practices into your organization -- I start by  understanding a client's past success and future vision, then work with the executive team to create practices that fit best in the client's organization.  Read more...

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