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Two Interesting Resources

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

You might want to take a look at some online content from two interesting conferences I attended recently.

Pipeline 2010 was an online conference with some interesting sessions about managing product development. The archives should be available until early February.  You have to register (free) to see the archives.  Look under the Agenda tab to assess the seminars.

The 2010 Rocky Mountain ProductCamp was a PDMA event with several interesting sessions on product development and product management.  Look for the sessions I presented on

  • Adapting agile software principles to projects outside the software domain with Flexible Product Development.
  • Making projects predictable in an unpredictable world with Dynamic Resource Management, and
  • Building consensus on where to improve product development using some simple group tools.  Look for the title “So you Want to Improve Product Development.”  The session slides aren’t very descriptive, so use the contact me link in the right sidebar of this blog if you’d like to know more.