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I offer consulting and training services to support the four steps needed to make lasting improvements:

  • Create the vision.  Consider the current state of the business and create a vision for an improved future, including stronger competitive capabilities and higher return to shareholders.

  • Assess the opportunity.  Assess current operations and the barriers to improvements.  These may involve explicit practices, but may equally likely involve assumptions and mental models that are based in past experience and company culture.

  • Design the solution.  Based on identified barriers, design changes that will propel improvements, fit with your firm's culture and size, and minimize cost.

  • Implement the change.  For lasting improvement, change initiatives must be implemented with not only training, but also effective incentives, progress metrics, and visible management support.

The objectives of each stage are outlined below, along with the services I offer to make the program effective and expedient.  Contact me to discuss consulting to address your situation.


Create the Vision

Objective A compelling vision to drive the improvement initiative, including a business value proposition and clear constraints on potential solutions
Primary services and deliverables Analysis of the current state and performance trends with appropriate economic metrics.  Explore recent shortfalls in development projects and implications for business performance.
Other services Half- or full-day executive workshops with facilitated discussions on relevant topics.  Builds basis for effective collaboration with common language and thought framework.
Client participation Top level, cross functional participation is essential.
Engagement Daily rate or fixed project fee.


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Assess the Opportunity

Objective Identify specific limitations and barriers in product innovation effort, prioritize improvements, and set expectations
Primary services and deliverables Assessment and diagnosis of current situation based on critical incident interviews with individual new product stakeholders across functions.  Findings and feedback to executives with facilitated discussion of findings.
Other services Suggest closure meetings with interview participants to outline findings
Client participation Top level, cross functional executives to define focus incidents and interviewees.  30-45 minutes with individual interviewees.  Suggested closure meetings with interviewees in groups.
Engagement Daily rate or fixed project fee, depending on organization size and complexity.

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Design the Solution

Objective Definition of the improvements to be implemented, tailored to client company environment and goals. 
Primary services and deliverables Consulting coaching and training for the improvement task force to create a program that meets executives' goals and is internally sustainable.  Plan for the improvement program with identified resources, budget, and metrics.
Other services Ongoing analysis of potential impact and support for executive team reviews
Client participation Executive team identifies task force and provides active sponsorship.  Task force meets regularly with concrete agenda and tracks task force progress.
Engagement Daily rate or retainer fee.


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Implement the Change

Objective Implementation begins with a pilot project in a contained part of the organization and ends with complete implementation of new practices throughout the organization.
Primary services and deliverables Consulting and coaching for the task force through the pilot project.  Training for the pilot project members.  Wrap up with executive team following pilot projects
Other services Development and delivery of core training to develop internal trainers.  Midstream coaching with task force.
Client participation Visible sponsorship and support by the executive team is crucial.  Task force has primary responsibility to drive the rollout and monitor progress.
Engagement Daily rate.


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