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Getting Started

Engaging a consultant promises a high impact on your business, but it also carries risk.  Does the consultant really have important new ideas?  Are the consultantís values aligned with yours?  Will other managers support the consultant?

Understanding these concerns, I offer introductory meetings and short fixed cost engagements to get acquainted before embarking on a full engagement.

Introductory meetings:  If your office is located along Coloradoís Front Range, I can drop in without cost for a Brown Bag Briefing or a short initial consultation.  For companies not located in Colorado, we can conduct these by phone or internet.

  • Executive Briefings are 45-60 minute presentations with audience participation, aimed at stimulating new thinking and discussion among new product stakeholders. Topics are based on my recent public presentations listed on the resources page or other topics from workshops.

  • Exploratory consultations are one hour meetings to discuss a situation you may be facing.  You will learn new ways to think about the situation and some possible solutions. 

Contact me to ask about a Brown Bag Briefing or exploratory consultation.

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Fixed cost engagements:  A short initial engagement is an effective way to get tangible benefits without the cost of a full engagement.

A half-day executive workshop on a current issue can be customized to your specific interests.  These are interactive sessions where participants apply new ideas and methods to a current situation and take away useful tools.

An initial assessment is a one or two day fixed cost engagement devoted to diagnosing a situation and providing feedback to key stakeholders.  Initial assessments begin with a phone conference with the leadership team to define the issue, followed by on site interviews with key stakeholders.  The assessment deliverable is a meeting with stakeholders to present findings and discuss an action plan.

Contact me to discuss these possibilities.

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