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Latest presentations.  Looking for a briefing that you recently attended?


Speed Innovations to market with Less Waste and Risk.  A PDMA webcast from April 17, 2014


Why do engineers need financial cross-training?  A recently updated white paper discusses three benefits: improved dexterity, better decisions, and a deeper management talent pool.


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I can deliver these presentations as Executive Briefings for companies located along the Colorado Front Range.  Contact me for more information.


Speed Innovations to Market with Less Waste and Risk.  Do your most important projects seem to be plagued constantly by delay, disruption, and waste?  The problem may lie in your process thinking.  This webinar explains how Flexible Product Development can free you from a common process dogma, so you can reduce delay, waste, and risk in product innovation


Flexible Product Development. Break free from the delay, waste, and risk that seem to orbit around your most challenging new products.  Agile software development has already solved these problems, and hardware developers can translate their ideas for non-software projects  Learn why "best practices" like Stage-Gate (r) hobble innovation and responsiveness, and explore new tools to fix the problems.


Agile Product Development.  For software products, Agile practices deliver innovative solutions is fast-changing markets. The principles can be adapted to other types of products as well. 


Predictable Projects in an Unpredictable World.  Make projects robust to unplanned resource demands with explicit schedule buffers.


Finance for Engineers.  This tutorial provides product developers and managers with the tools to discuss new products as financial investments and optimize ROI.


Managing Fuzzy Projects.  Traditional linear project management practices can be toxic to innovation.  Take a look at a different way to manage exploratory projects.


Dynamic Resource Management.  It seems paradoxical, but this approach to project management produces schedules that are both more robust to variance, and shorter.


Time is Money.  Provides a collection of tools and ideas to make better business based decisions about time to market.


The Business of Innovation.  This presentation guides scientists, students, and inventors to think about technical breakthroughs as business opportunities.


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Articles and whitepapers of interest to the product development community.


Eliminate Waste in Front End Exploration

In the common wisdom of product innovation, State-Gate (r) processes will reduce waste.  But traditional processes fail miserably in the Front End of Innovation, where researchers explore the promising new concepts that nourish the back-end product development effort.  In a recently published article, Carla Kuesten and I look at examples of Front End waste and present an iterative process to reduce that waste.


Barriers to Agile Product Development.  Software developers are embracing  the value of Agile development, but developers outside of the software domain are slow to adopt agile principles.  One reason is that decades-old beliefs about project planning are deeply ingrained in management thinking.


Designs change.  Deal with it!  Contrary to common beliefs, mid-stream changes in design projects are the rule, not the exception.  Some preparation greatly reduces the cost of these changes.


Avoid 11-th hour project dilemmas by preparing for change.  A recent visions article explains how principles of Flexible Development help to avoid the costly dilemma to do it wrong or do it over.


Flexibility costs and benefits.  A white paper with Preston Smith on the costs and benefits of Flexible Product Development based on interviews with product development leaders.  Also available: Slides from the online forum.


3 Principles to Improve Product Innovation.  Firms that look for improvements exclusively in the engineering department are missing the mark.  This article presents ideas for company-wide improvements to the new product effort.


Rightsizing your New Product Process.  No matter what size a company is, it's a bad idea to adopt another company's "best practices"  NPD processes are a balance between costs and benefits, and a process that doesn't fit won't produce the best results.


When the Solution is not the Opposite of the Problem.  Organizations often find themselves bouncing back and forth between a problem and a "solution" that doesn't work.  Using ideas from the organizational theory of polarity management, this article explains causes of and solutions to this perplexing situation.


Improving R&D results: Count on the Uncountable.  There are 5 important dimensions of performance for product development, but only 2 are countable.  Managers who insist exclusively on measureable metrics see only an incomplete picture.


Is Friction Dragging Down your New Product Results? Don't just accept conflict between talented technologists working on new products. This kind of friction can seriously undermine business results.


Hiring for Skills Plus Cultural Fit.  Do you find yourself hiring for the same position over and over again?  You may be hiring for skills and experience, but ignoring cultural fit.


Efficient Communications.  Managers at most technical firms focus their attention on tangible issues: hard facts and measureable data.  But intangible issues such as communications can have a tangible impact on business results.


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