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Flexible Product Development.

Product innovation in today's fast-moving markets is a real challenge.  If your most innovative projects seem to be plagued constantly by delay, waste, and disruptions, it may be time to pivot in your process thinking.  Paradoxically, "best practice" phase-gate processes amplify disruptions to highly innovative projects: the more rigorously you enforce the process, the more disruptions you create.


This two-day workshop explores new ideas and tools to compete more effectively in today's innovative, dynamic markets. 


Finance for technical leaders.


Build leaders' skills, get a fresh perspective on persistent issues, and align your team toward new solutions.


I offer workshops in 3 formats.  The length of a workshop depends on the content, goals, and audience.  Workshop topics can be selected from the list below, or customized to address your situation.  

  • The half-day format works best to give busy executives an overview and interactive discussion of new ideas. 

  • The full-day format also provides key stakeholders with facilitated discussion of the ideas and tools and their application to your current issues. 

  • Two-day workshops provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the material and its application, using a combination of tutorial and practices sessions.

These workshops are most effective when attended by cross-functional participants from different management levels.


Contact me to discuss custom workshops for your needs.


Half-day Workshops

These provide your executive team with a common thought framework and language to achieve consensus and resolve persistent problems.  Time is balanced among a tutorial to frame the issues, facilitated discussion of symptoms and causes as attendees see them, and keys to implementing solutions.


If information is provided beforehand, workshop content and examples are customized to the client's situation.

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Full-day Workshops

A full-day workshop extends beyond the half day event to examine alternative solutions and outline an action plan. Through guided and facilitated dialogue, attendees identify and prioritize the solutions that provide the greatest returns for the company.

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Two-day Workshops

These workshops provide attendees with deeper understanding of the materials to prepare them to apply what they've learned to their work.  The event includes both tutorial and practices sessions where attendees learn to apply the material to example situations.  The event ends with attendees prioritizing ideas and developing action plans.

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Workshops cover critical issues that impact product innovation results:


Finance for Technical Leaders:  Develop technical leaders' business acumen.  Align technical decisions with business goals, improve collaboration, and increase the depth of your management talent pool.  Unlike the typical "finance for non-financial managers", this workshop is focused on product developers, covering financial statements, financial performance, and applications to product development decisions at all levels.  Click here for a white paper on finance training, or here for a workshop brochure.
New Product Economic Metrics:  Effective financial oversight of a firm's product investment requires economic metrics that apply broadly across business lines and are relevant to business goals.  The discounted margin ratio is a new formulation of discounted cash flow that compares investment returns to growth and funding targets, instead of cost of capital.  This provides comprehensive financial metrics that can be applied across product lines from top to bottom to manage product innovation.  Contact me for details.
Dependable Schedules:  Unreliable new product schedules lead to fighting fires and juggling resources and chronic headaches. Even worse, they undermine customers' confidence in your new products. You can try attacking the problem symptomatically by simply demanding on time releases, but that just makes problems show up somewhere else. This workshop explores systemic approaches to making product schedules dependable.  Contact me for details.
Bringing Product Innovation up to Speed:  Faster response to market opportunities would improve business results for most enterprises. Just exhorting R&D teams to work faster has limited effect, and cutting corners to shorten schedules leads to disaster. This workshop develops ideas about how you can improve your new product responsiveness by addressing a set of fundamental issues.  Contact me for details.


Contact me to explore how an Executive Workshop would help your team.


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