Developing hardware products?

Feel like you’re caught in a tornado?

You are.

Developing hardware products today is a vortex of opposing forces.  You need to accelerate  innovation, you have to reduce development cost, and your customers demand more dependable schedules…And, did I mention?  You need to accelerate innovation.

A radically new approach to product innovation addresses the root causes of innovation delays and disruptions.  You can accelerate your most promising projects and give developers the latitude to respond quickly when requirements change, all while reducing costly project disruptions.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s been proven in many companies across a variety of industries…

…It’s called

The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

For Technology Executives

Build your company’s and your customers’ confidence by delivering innovations, even groundbreaking ones, on fast, dependable dependable schedules without the fire fighting, crises, and finger pointing that you’re used to.

For Business Executives

Does your business suffer when major product innovations are too costly or too late to realize their full ROI potential?  The RLC framework is a groundbreaking approach that drives better results by supporting sound project decisions at the right time.

For Sales and Marketing Leaders

When developers push back and drag their feet on new ideas, it’s not because they’re risk averse.  It’s because they feel cornered to commit to schedules and plans based on guesses and assumptions. The RLC framework helps them learn what they need to marry invention with engineering,. 

For Program Managers

The RLC framework drives innovation projects to a successful, on-time launch, eliminating loop-backs and disruptions by supporting data-driven decisions about features and design options.

For Product Developers

Recapture the joy and excitement of engineering by eliminating those mid-project crises that take so much of your energy.  In the RLC framework, you avoid freezing project decisions too early and then having to explain why you had to loop back and correct them.

Dovetail with Agile Software

Applying agile software methods literally to hardware projects rarely works because hardware issues differ so starkly from software.  But RLC’s smooth the path to effectively coordinating hardware and software projects because RLC’s mold development around short timeboxed iterations that can be dovetailed with agile sprints.

See How it Works

How can one approach give you all these benefits?  Take  a look at the basics of RLCs.  Or jump directly to my learning resource page.