Want to learn more?

Here are some ways you can explore the RLC ideas.

Read one of the books

“The Shortest Distance” is Katherine Radeka’s ground-breaking work about Rapid Learning Cycles. It’s a how-to guide for implementing RLC methods including managing RLC programs and how to run a pilot project.

Read the first chapter or  buy it from your favorite bookseller.

“High Velocity Innovation” is a book of case studies of different kinds of companies in different   industries that have used Rapid Learning Cycles to achieve high velocity innovation.  Each story ties RLC principles and to real world challenges of implementing the framework. 

Read an introduction or buy it from your favorite bookseller.

On your own: Webinars from the RLC Institute

Browse the archives

The RLC Institute provides public live and recorded webinars about different aspects of the RLC framework.  (Free enrollment in the RLC community required.)

Take a class

The Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles webinar is a very helpful introduction, offered as either a live or self study experience. (Fee required.)

Talk with me.

Ask me a question.

Not sure if RLC methods would work at your company? Something I said doesn’t make sense? I’m happy to have an email chat.

Book a video call.

Better yet, email me to book a video call to talk about the RLC framework with you or you and a few colleagues to explain more about the methods or how I can help you,

Schedule a briefing.

A 45 minute video meeting is a way to introduce RLC ideas to engineering leaders or your management team.  They can ask questions and understand how all this works, This a good way to socialize the RLC concepts and build support.  (Fee required.)

Use my contact page to set something up.