RLCs for startups and scaleups

A webinar presented in association with Innosphere, a Colorado science and technology incubator.

Wednesday, April 7th at 12 pm MST

Registration Required | Online Only

If you’re developing hardware products and feel caught in a tornado of conflicting forces, the ideas from this seminar will help you.

Developing hardware products as a startup is tough.  You  have to launch your product on schedule to keep investor’s confidence, but you also have to be fast and flexible.  The Rapid Learning Cycles framework can make a life-or-death difference in meeting all these demands.

This seminar will explain how startups and scaleups can use the RLC framework to focus on learning and decisions, pulling learning forward and pushing decisions later to avoid those long, slow loopbacks that disappoint investors and customers alike.

John Farnbach, Certified RLC specialist, will present this online event, for Innosphere ventures, a science and technology incubator.