The RLC framework will accelerate your most important innovation projects. Here’s a proven path to implement your RLC initiative.  I offer guide services to make the journey fast and productive.


Build support 

Enlist the support of influential engineers and an executive sponsor. Several of the resources on the Explore page can be helpful, including

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Get program manager training 

Having a trained program manager is essential to success.  The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute conducts virtual workshops that prepare program managers to lead teams through the journey. I strongly recommend training one or two program managers before piloting or experimenting with the methods. Sign up here.  


Consider hiring a guide 

This is where I come in. I offer training and coaching to shepherd you and your team through each step of your journey.  As an RLC affiliate, I also have access to all the resources of the RLC Institute, including consultation with Katherine Radeka, the creator of the RLC method.  Contact me to discuss a comprehensive training and coaching engagement that includes all of the following steps.


Experiment on a small scale

Try out some of the RLC elements without building the whole framework.  Experiments with Key Decision planning, cadenced learning cycles, and reporting tools can provide your team with the confidence to dive deeper.


Kick off a pilot project

There’s nothing like a pilot project to see the benefits of RLC methods and score an initial win.  Choose a project with important technology, manufacturing, or market innovations, but not one that’s already in crisis.  Pilot program selection is included in my end-to-end coaching.

Remove barriers

Your first few projects, including the pilot, will uncover organizational and process barriers that can hinder progress.  Program mangers and executive sponsors need to be on the lookout for barriers and be diligent about knockings them down.  Early barrier recognition and resolution is part of an end-to-end engagement


Institutionalize the process

After the pilot program success, capture what you’ve learned and solidify the RLC framework with broad-based training for both engineers and managers.  Build in expectations all across your product development ecosystem.

You’ll have accelerated successful innovation throughout your company.  Contact me about coaching and training to make the transition fast, productive, and durable.

I’m always happy to discuss your needs.

I can help you think through your needs and the timing for jumping into a new development methodology.  Reach out through my contact page.